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Eskay Equipments division aims at providing you with latest Filming Equipments and Gears. You will get Cameras for Film shoot, Mega Serials, Commercials and Documentaries. Our gear comes with technical crew who we handpick based on their robust technical knowledge regarding equipments and excellent attitude towards production in India and overseas. Eskay has provided equipments on rental basis to various reputed production houses with projects like "Love Shudda", Junior NTR's "Nannaku Prematho", Balaji Motion Picture Production's "Azhar" and many more. Our latest and wide range of equipments includes:
Red Dragon

Digital Camera

Red Dragon


The RED Dragon camera is the first major update of the second camera system from RED. Built on the legacy of successful Red One, the first super high res camera to record in 4k and EPIC, the first 5k camera, the Dragon is the highest resolution camera to record in 6K.

With the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, you can capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the EPIC DRAGON as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology.

When outputting 6K files to 4K or HD, your image will appear more refined and detailed compared to those captured at lower resolutions. The choice is simple; Bigger is better.

Red Dragon




  • New Color Science
  • Same Mounts More Lenses
  • Higher Dynamic Range (16.5+ stops)
  • Bigger, Better 3D
  • Blazing Fast
  • Best in low-light situations
  • 6K resolution with 19 MP raw image in every 6k frame