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Eskay Equipments division aims at providing you with latest Filming Equipments and Gears. You will get Cameras for Film shoot, Mega Serials, Commercials and Documentaries. Our gear comes with technical crew who we handpick based on their robust technical knowledge regarding equipments and excellent attitude towards production in India and overseas. Eskay has provided equipments on rental basis to various reputed production houses with projects like "Love Shudda", Junior NTR's "Nannaku Prematho", Balaji Motion Picture Production's "Azhar" and many more. Our latest and wide range of equipments includes:
Sony Prime Lens

Camera Lenses

Sony Prime Lens



Sony Prime Lens is no doubt a solid lens for everyday use. This high-end lens has been designed for cropped APS-C sized DT-mount cameras. It weighs only 168g and can be therefore termed as lightweight. This lens can be easily carried on any trip . It is basically a short telephoto lens measuring about 50mm with a focal length of 35mm that is equivalent to any other lens having a focal length of 75mm. The wide f/1.8 aperture that narrows down to f/22 along with the seven circular aperture blades provides outstanding out of focus range. While capturing the shots, the 7x circular aperture blades produces smooth, rounded "bokeh" background effects. The elements of this lens are directly controlled by the Smooth Autofocus Motor for faster and smoother autofocus.

The autofocus control signals are sent from the camera to the lens-mounted unit that drives the lens directly and helps to assure accurate and quick AF response. The Extra-low dispersion glass reduces the chromatic aberrations and produces sharper images by correcting the specific wavelengths. The filter attachment of this portrait lens measures 49mm.

Sony Prime Lens


Here are some of its features



  • Compatible with Sony Digital SLR cameras
  • Focal length of 75mm and maximum aperture of 2.7mm
  • Bright, wide aperture portrait lens
  • Fixed focal length design offers high quality optical performance
  • DT lens design optimised for cameras with APS-C sensor, light, compact and easy to carry
  • Filter size of 49mm