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Eskay Equipments division aims at providing you with latest Filming Equipments and Gears. You will get Cameras for Film shoot, Mega Serials, Commercials and Documentaries. Our gear comes with technical crew who we handpick based on their robust technical knowledge regarding equipments and excellent attitude towards production in India and overseas. Eskay has provided equipments on rental basis to various reputed production houses with projects like "Love Shudda", Junior NTR's "Nannaku Prematho", Balaji Motion Picture Production's "Azhar" and many more. Our latest and wide range of equipments includes:
Arri Alexa SXT

Digital Camera

Arri Alexa SXT


The Alexa family of cameras are the most preferred and highly regarded by professional cinematographers worldwide. The ALEXA SXT (Super Xtended Technology) cameras add a number of significant and unique features to the ALEXA family. It will do 4K DCI/True 4K/Cine whatever you call it (4096 x 2637 – more than 2160 because of the square-ish sensor size) to be exact and UHD in ProRes in camera among many other complex things – like Open Gate and 4:3 for anamorphic shooting. internal ND filter, Lens Data System, anamorphic de-squeeze and  many more. While keeping the sensor and user interface of the original ALEXA design, the capabilities of ALEXA SXT cameras have been greatly extended. The new ARRI look management and optional noise reduction help creative filmmakers get their ideas across

These features will expand on the benefits that have already made ALEXA such an extraordinary success – highest overall image quality and lowest overall production cost through reliability, ergonomics and efficient workflows.

Arri Alexa SXT


Here are some of its features

  • Optional in-camera noise reduction & ALEXA 65 electronics.
  • New media – SXR Drives by Codex with SxS / CFast 2.0 adapters available – up to 2TB sizes at launch
  • 3 x Independent HD-SDI’s can carry Log-C / Rec.709 with overlays / Clean Rec.709 / 3D LUTs
  • Advanced Colour Management Engine from AMIRA
  • 3D LUT’s can be backed-in / ASC CDL / Rec.2020 Colour Space
  • Easy in-camera ProRes 4K recording
    • ProRes 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
    • ProRes 4K Cine (4096 x 2637)

Same tools for ALEXA SXT, ALEXA Mini & AMIRA