Eskay Digilab, is our Post Production


The beauty of post-production services lie in the fact that the final vision that we see on screen is often lifted directly from the directors’ imagination. Eskay Digilab is our post production studio packed up with Post Production services providing end to end solution for any sort of Audio Visual projects “YOU VISUALISE IT, WE CREATE IT” Or “YOU DREAM IT WE MAKE IT REAL”

DI (Digital Intermediate)

Today every aspect of film production is becoming more and more influenced by digital technology. The latest ground swell to hit filmmaking is the Digital Intermediate process. In simple terms the Digital Intermediate process or DI is a process through which the colors of the film are enhanced to give it a rich and more aesthetically appropriate look. Eskay DI studio is equipped with latest grading software base light with 4k deliverables, which is considered to be world’s most advance and reliable color grading system. Along with its latest projector- Barco 4k and Harkness screen are set up for projection. At Eskay, 4K DI is what we do. The process starts with the conform, including retimes, opticals, and color management. Then look development begins, followed by color enhancement, image texture, beauty work and more. Our services incorporate the latest technology and use of top creative talent to create stunning images. Part 1 is understood to be the 'intermediate' section of the process. It is where manipulating the colour and other characteristics to change the look are creatively effected, it is usually the final creative adjustment to a movie before distribution in theatres. Part 2 is the final stage where the manipulated, cleaned and compiled data is put back to film as the master negative from which the distribution prints are struck.


Film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence. Our Editors are professionals with good experience and are well versed with the media management of today’s digital film making. They are skilled and well-versed in Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and other such editing software. Our Post Production Studio, laced with state-of-art equipment has been used by renowned production houses, artistes and satellite channels for project that are well appreciated. Whether it is producing a movie or a sound post, we are committed to the success of the work you produce.


Eskay Audio labs - audio recording and music production studio based in Kolkata is eminently poised to handle all music production and creative audio needs starting from mixing and mastering, background score, voice over & dubbing, music branding. To this end, we’ve gathered together an unbeatable combination of state-of-the-art technology, production facilities, engineers and artist’s/talent collaborators and client comfort in one sweet space. Music, dialogues, sound effects & Foley. It’s not just about laying down sounds but creating a sound scape that supports the story and gives an identity to your film. At Eskay Audiolab, audio post production and composition happens in the same facility for a collaborative effort through the entire project. Our facilities comprise the perfect mix of unrivalled technology and absolutely perfect acoustics. We use only the best, top-of-the-line audio recording equipment’s like Micro phone Neuman, Mixing Console, Digi Design Pro too1, Nuendo Software, Genelia 5.1 speakers. We have a comfortable lounge area with restrooms for our staff and guests to relax which serves as a perfect place for a long day session for recording or dubbing.