Eskay Movies - Production & Distribution


Eskay movies from its very inception has given quality movies to it’s audience and has been on a steady growth path in the arena of motion picture production and distribution.

Film Production

Under the canopy of Eskay Movies there had been steady production of more than 30 successful films in the past two decades. The production house brought about new concepts and ideas in Bengali film making , changing the conceptions of worldwide audience regarding regional cinemas. Films such as Shatru, Wanted, Khokababu, Bikram Singha, Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay, Romeo vs Juliet , Badsha the Don , Khoka 420 , Kiriti Roy, The Bongs Again, Nabab, Byomkesh o Agniban and many more. For the first time in the history of bengali cinema, internationally acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan has performed in ‘Doob'-No bed of roses.

Film Distribution

Eskay remained pioneer as one of the leading film Distributor of Eastern India. It has a well built network of channel for reaching maximum audience in Eastern Region. From the very beginning , Eskay cultivated relationship with leading production companies, exhibitors and other key members of the industry to gain trust and support over the passing time.

Television Content

Television has remained the icing of the media Industry from quite a long time and with the passing era Television has created a significant niche of itself. Eskay has been a progressive Television content creator and some of it's most talked about Bengali mega serials are Ek Mutho Asha (Mohua Bangla), Sati (Zee Bangla), Bhasha (Star Jalsha), Swayamshiddha (ETV Bangla), Dutta Barir Choto Bou (ETV Bangla), Rajlaxmi Kurukshetram (Zee Bangla).

Co Production

Eskay has always believed in sharing a reciprocal relationship with others so it has given ways to co-production and collaboration for serving the audience to the utmost. Eskay has collaborated with Sony Entertainment , RP techvision and others in co-producing Bengali films. It has acted as a trailblazer in bridging the gap between India and Bangladesh by co-producing films with the other country thereby, binding both the countries in a common thread of Bengali language and love for entertainment.