Eskay Studio - Filming Paradise.


Eskay Studio has committed to deliver the highest quality services to the film and photography industries since 2012. Conveniently located 15 minutes from Tollygunge, we offer a huge studio space along with ample variety of props that can be customized according to cinematic need. From a modern bungalow to a chawl, our set design and construction team can design and create the perfect sets as per your requirements. Customer service, client comfort and satisfaction are key factors for the studios. The studios also provide with a wide range of amenities like dressing room or green rooms, full air conditioned make-up rooms, wardrobe room, conference facility or office space, meeting rooms, etc with ample parking space. To ensure all productions run smoothly. Pre-fabricated studios – interior and exterior ready. The studios can be used for multi faceted purpose, it can be used to depict a disco, chawl, Chroma Shooting Floor for shooting indoor on Chroma and many things as per the clients need. Eskay Studio provides a large loading bay for equipment, parking for up to 4 trucks and cars on site without permits.

The type of work we do:

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Daily Soaps
  • TV commercials
  • Corporate films
  • Music videos
  • Green and blue screen shooting (Chroma)
  • Car, product, portrait & fashion photography

Floor 1

Modern flat Interior with fully furnished bedrooms and open spaces that can be modified as per clients need, with a space of 4160 sq ft. The ready set can be used for multipurpose as per the story demands. We have all necessary props which can be added to give the scene a real life feel.

Floor 2

Rich house set- Modern two-storied bungalow with bedroom, drawing, dining and modular kitchen space. Open space and a corridor that can depict office rooms. Beautiful stairs with Balcony and an old bungalow room with antique props can be used according to film need. You can get everything in one floor. It is 7700 sqft, you can create the perfect family/homely atmosphere under this roof.

Floor 3

Spacious Courtyard with the essence of vintage Kolkata which can be modified as per the client’s choice. Several music videos and T.V serials have been shot over here. Our art direction team can create new look and feel with props and set it according to the mood of the film as per director’s demand.

Floor 4

A perfect ready set for chawl/colony ambience with a space of 8250 sqft which can be depicted as a village area. It has all necessary props from a local shop to rickshaws to give it a real feel. Everything that you ever wanted for shooting is there in place for you.